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Comma 6 Service snc was formed on May 3, 2007 in Rome.
It is mainly engaged in design and manufacture of microelectronic devices for itself, as well as takes customers orders. Also provides installation and technical support "PDA Terminal Adapter" for gaming machines.
It all started in 2000 when Tecnorip Ltd was created, which marked the beginning of this fascinating adventure. Among our major achievements is a model analogue of the terminal keyboard Max3000 likewise many other experiments, which allowed us to reach our main goal: the creation of C6, an innovation-based FPGA technology and its modern components. Many years of experience in National Betting resulted in realizing the deep need for this device.
The C6 is a 6-channel VGA - PAL player of images. It satisfies different needs of information display.

We believe our product is useful for:

Horse Track | Racecourse | Betting shops and sporting

The system already works as readout with Italian providers Cogetech, Iziplay, Pianeta Scommesse and Eurobet.
  • Informative Posters
  • Custom Messages
  • Quote pages
  • Multiscreen (4 pages in one monitor, up to 24 pages for one C6)
  • Web pages with scrolling (like etc.)
  • Replacement of equipment Videa 7 Logigraf 6 and 12 channels (in Italy)
  • Replacing the PC shares output in betting shops and sporting activities.

See examples :

Cogetech : Cogetech Cogetech Cogetech Pianeta Scommesse: Pianeta Pianeta Eurobet : Eurobet Eurobet IziPlay : IziPlay IziPlay

Estate agents

The replacement of paper poster advertisings with picture advertisings on the LCD display allows estate agents to introduce themselves in a dynamic and attractive manner, as well as appear to be useful and creative.


The pictures or PDF of the products to be promoted can be easily created and displayed the LCD which will save advertising costs and give a more modern look to the store.

Travel Agents

Entering our offers and photos in the system will influence more customers to stop and watch a showcase with proposals.

5yearsxC67 Years x C6 c6 RevD

Example of Contents


Example display the Digital Posters (A4 pdf) or HTML with C6 Video System in full HD format 1920 x 1080 256 color :

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